Floating Docks

Heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame and foam-filled molded floats

Floe’s Floating dock track system’s rigid, heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame is the backbone of the floating dock system. It provides a solid, stable base for the walking surface and is supported by foam-filled, rotationally molded floats. The heavy-duty outer frame also incorporates a patented track system which allows you to create floating modular dock configurations and add hinges, guide poles, and other accessories anywhere along the dockside . An underside track system enables floats and anchoring systems to be attached.

Rugged, long-lasting, foam-filled floats are made of virgin polystyrene resin containing UV inhibitors that are impervious to gas, oil, and other chemicals. FLOE floats are filled with polystyrene foam for added strength and reduced water absorption. They are backed by a full 15 Year Limited Warranty.

Floating Docks Features

Quick-release hinge system

FLOE’S floating boat dock sections include a quick release hinge that easily attaches dock sections together creating endless dock layouts. Simply float the dock sections into place and insert the pins in the hinge.

Anchoring solutions

FLOE offers an aluminum guide-pole and bracket system to secure and stabilize dock sections in depths up to 10 feet. The guide pole goes through a bracket on the dock with the auger end screwing into the lake bottom. As the water fluctuates, the dock raises and lowers along the guide poles, always ensuring you are high and dry.

Pilings and custom piling loops or a cable and anchor system can be used for floating dock sections in water depths greater than 10 feet.

Floating Docks Components

Floating dock sections

FLOE’s standard floating boat dock sections come in 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′ and 8′ widths and 16′, 20′ and 24′ lengths. Other standard components include: 8′ x 8′ sundecks, 4′ wedges and 12′ shore-end ramps. Custom length gangways can also be added as well as safety hand rails.

Approach ramps and gangways for floating docks

FLOE’s gangway is designed to roll back and forth on the dock surface as the main dock floats up and down. It continuously provides a safe transition between the shore and dock. Gangways can be attached to a cement or wood structure using FLOE’s hinge system. Contact your dealer for gangway options.

Pivoting shore-end dock ramps give you the ultimate approach to your dock and additional length for less money. They sit on your shoreline and hinge to your first floating dock section.

3′ x 16′(3) 36×481860 lbs.2550 lbs.3255 lbs.240 lbs.375 lbs.
3′ x 20′(4) 36×482510 lbs.3430 lbs.4370 lbs.290 lbs.470 lbs.
3′ x 24′(4) 36×481755 lbs.2495 lbs.3150 lbs.345 lbs.525 lbs.
4′ x 16′(3) 48×482485 lbs.3370 lbs.4225 lbs.275 lbs.460 lbs.
4′ x 20′(2) 4×4 & (1) 4×63340 lbs.4520 lbs.5660 lbs.340 lbs.585 lbs.
4′ x 24′(4) 48×483280 lbs.4460 lbs.5600 lbs.400 lbs.650 lbs.
5′ x 16′(3) 48×603170 lbs.4340 lbs.5510 lbs.325 lbs.540 lbs.
5′ x 20′(4) 48×604260 lbs.5820 lbs.7380 lbs.400 lbs.680 lbs.
5′ x 24′(3) 48×604190 lbs.5550 lbs.7310 lbs.470 lbs.755 lbs.
6′ x 16′(3) 48×723805 lbs.5140 lbs.6445 lbs.365 lbs.620 lbs.
6′ x 20′(4) 48×725115 lbs.6895 lbs.8635 lbs.445 lbs.790 lbs.
6′ x 24′(4) 48×725030 lbs.6810 lbs.8550 lbs.530 lbs.870 lbs.
8′ x 8′(2) 48×963455 lbs.4655 lbs.5825 lbs.255 lbs.475 lbs.
8′ x 16′(3) 48×965120 lbs.6920 lbs.8675 lbs.445 lbs.790 lbs.
8′ x 20′(4) 48×966920 lbs.9400 lbs.11800 lbs.540 lbs.1000 lbs.
8′ x 24′(4) 48×966740 lbs.9180 lbs.11520 lbs.640 lbs.1000 lbs.
Floating Docks